Cosmetics Pouch with Personalized Picture

Good morning everybody! That was quite the snow storm we got Monday. It averaged a little less than an inch per hour and we got a total of 5 inches. You can see the snow accumulation from 4 PM to 11 PM. Quite the site. Now we brave for the cold, today’s forecast is a high of -9. Yep, you saw that right, nine below!

Snow Fall

To take my mind away from this cold weather, I’m sharing with you a project I made for my mom for Christmas. It’s a nautical themed tote bag and matching co smetics pouch.

Tote Materials

For the tote bag I followed a tutorial by J Caroline Creative (the site doesn’t work anymore), but you can find the tutorial here. I followed the pattern pretty much true to the steps, but I added a second outside pocket (on the other side), and used the same fabric for the contrast and lining.

Tote Bag 

For the matching cosmetics pouch, I wanted to personalize it somehow. A nautical map of Puerto Rico would do the trick. So out comes the Mod Podge.

Materials needed:

  • laser printed inversed photo (at least 7×8)
  • light colored fabric (at least 7×8)
  • Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium
  • sponge applicators
  • Mod Podge Fabric Sealer
  • rag or old towel
  • 2 pieces of 7×8 fabric, for lining
  • 1 piece of 7×8 fabric for outside
  • 7″ zipper
  • matching thread

Cosmetics Pouch materials

First up, the photo transfer. Lay out and flatten the piece of fabric where the picture will be transferred to. Protect work surface with wax paper. With a sponge applicator, apply a thick layer of Mod Podge photo transfer to the front side of your printed image. Smooth transfer side to fabric, a squeegee works great for this.

Cosmetics Pouch photo transfer

Once completely dry, I actually let mine rest for a day, wet the surface with a rag and slowly start to rub. Be delicate when rubbing, as the print might peel off if done roughly. It took me about three wet/rub/dry cycles for the image to be seen completely.

Cosmetics Pouch wet

As you rub, you’ll see the specs of paper come off and the image stay on the fabric. Pretty cool. Once completely dry, cut to 7×8.

Cosmetics Pouch rub 

Now you’re ready to sew. line up the fabric to get sewing. First, the photo transfer fabric right side up. Then the zipper with the opening down. Lastly, one lining piece right side down. All lined up at the top edge. Sew zipper to fabrics all at once.

Cosmetic Pouch sew side one

Set up lineup for the other side: lining right side up, zipper opening side up (arrange the pre-sewn fabric so back side face each other), outside fabric right side down. Sew zipper along top.

Cosmetic Pouch sew side two

Open the fabrics out so either side (front and back) is at either side of the zipper. Top stitch along the edge of the fabrics following the zipper. Do this on both sides.

Cosmetics Pouch topstitch zipper

Undo the zipper and line the fabrics: outsides facing each other and lining facing each other. Both with right sides facing each other. Pin in place. Stitch along all sides with a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a 3″ opening in the lining pieces.

Cosmetics Pouch sew seam

If desired, you can give the pouch a flat bottom by taking in the corners. Fold the corners to create a triangle and stitch a line straight across about 1 inch from the tip. Cut off the excess triangle fabric. Do this to all four corners.

Cosmetic Pouch corner

Turn pouch inside out through gap left in the lining. Top stitch the edge of the lining opening to close.

Cosmetics Pouch

Finish by sealing photo transfer with Mod Podge fabric sealer and dry completely.

Cosmetics Pouch fabric sealer

Add a little flare to your pouch with an cute themed pull for the zipper.

Cosmetics Pouch pull

I adore how it turned out and mom has already put it to use. Already planning on making another one, but bigger.

Cosmetics Pouch with Personalized Picture and Nautical Tote

Stay warm my friends!

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