Being by myself

This weekend I spent it all by my lonesome self. Ryan left to go ice fishing while Boone and I held the fort here at the house. As always, Boone gets super edgy when I’m by myself and any little noise results in a barking rampage, which then puts me on edge. Other than that, it was actually quite relaxing. Just me and my thoughts.

Some of the random things I did, in no particular order:

Went on a shopping trip, including Target and Home Goods of course.

Target coffee

Grabbed a movie from Redbox, What If, and loved it. It’s a super low key rom-com.

What If

Went on a run on icy sidewalks. Actually, tried twice because they were so bad, so I waited until later in the day. Still slipped a couple of times…

Run in the snow

Played with Boone in the snow that was left. He likes hiding his ball in there and digging it out, and repeat.

Snow digger

Worked on the bathroom cabinet. Sanding and staining, fun.

Work bathroom

Snuggled up with the best at snuggling, Boone.

Boone's butt

Finished Good Omens, and started reading Catcher in the Rye. So far, so good.

Catcher in the Rye

Worked on some jewelry projects.

Bead work

Grabbed a ColdStone treat, and only ate half.


Once Ryan got back, played a Get To Know Each Other game from the Dating Divas. We did amazingly well.

Love Quest

Now on our day off, I’m going on a run, then ice fishing with Ryan and then watching American Sniper. Hope it’s good!

Enjoy your holiday!

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