Greeting Card Series: Confetti Cards

Hi! Now that we’re drowning in snow, I kinda have to do my running workouts indoors, which means traveling before work to the rec center to  use the track. This makes running so much harder for some reason. My 35 minutes yesterday felt like an eternity. But we got to keep on keeping on.

Anywho, it’s already February and I’m sort of behind on some things I like to get ready each year. One of them is restocking my supply of greeting cards. I love spending hours looking at greeting cards in the store, but I also love to make them. Every year I make myself a stack of cards to use throughout the year. To start off, I made some birthday and congratulations card with confetti. Yep, confetti.

Confetti Greeting Cards four cards

Here’s what you need:

  • heavy white cardstock
  • colored lighter cardstock
  • glue, stick or white
  • confetti
  • clear sheet protectors
  • X-acto knife
  • pencil
  • permanent fine marker/pen
  • round embossing tool, optional

Confetti Greeting Cards materials

Cut two pieces of white cardstock in half making four cards, which will be 5.5×4.25 each when folded in half.

Confetti Greeting Cards cards

Come up with a design for your cards. I made four: a present, a balloon, a circle and a star. Make a stencil and trace to backside of cards.

Confetti Greeting Cards design

Cut out the shapes with an X-acto knife.

Confetti Greeting Cards cutouts

Cut a piece of sheet protector to a size a little bit bigger than the design and glue to the back.

Confetti Greeting Cards sheet protector

For the present design, instead of a clear piece, I glued blue cardstock on the ribbon side to make it stand out from the actual present.

Confetti Greeting Cards present

If desired, cut colored cardstock to 5×3.75 pieces and glue on the right side of inside to write desired message in.

Confetti Greeting Cards memo side

Cut white cardstock to make four 5×3.75 pieces.

Confetti Greeting Cards white backing

Place confetti on the back of card and glue white cardstock to cover. To make sure it glues flat, place under a heavy object (ie book) while it dries.

Confetti Greeting Cards confetti

Once everything is dry, write message on the front of card. I did it freehand, but you can definitely trace it. Once dry, erase any pencil marks.

Confetti Greeting Cards message

To fold the card a little easier. press along the middle with an embossing tool.

Confetti Greeting Cards fold

For the envelope, center a greeting card on a piece of cardstock. Trace the edges with a quarter inch allowance on each side.

Confetti Greeting Cards envelope

Cut in a diagonal line to each of the four corners from each side and press with the embossing tool along the edges to fold.

Confetti Greeting Cards envelope fold

Glue the bottom to the sides and let dry under a heavy object.

Confetti Greeting Cards glue envelope

Now you’ve got the start to a set of homemade greeting cards.

Confetti Greeting Cards

It’s always nice to have a back up stash of greeting cards because life happens and we kinda tend to forget things.

Confetti Greeting Cards with envelopes

Have a great middle of the week!


  1. Hey over achiever you-
    Can you sell some of these to your sister? Pretty please.
    I have used all the ones you gave me once. Plus I don’t like browsing for them as you do πŸ˜›
    Love you!

  2. I’m amazed!!! But not surprised.

    Gorge cards! My birthday is in a month πŸ˜‰

  3. Paola,

    These are wonderful! You are awesome!


  4. That is such a fun idea! I actually have quite a bit of confetti in my crafting stash that I hadn’t figured out what to do with yet. Your cards have an almost graphic quality because of the clean, simple designs. I’m going to be making some of my own soon!

    • Thanks! Hope you enjoy making them. With simple designs the possibilities are pretty much endless and you can get rid of so much confetti… haha

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