Birthday Fun in Kansas City

Have you been to Kansas City? Well, my first ever non-sporting-event visit was this weekend and I loved it. Ryan and I drove down to visit a college friend and celebrate Ryan’s weekend. All in all, it was a weekend filled with good food, good beer and great company.

All together now

Friday started with some presents for Ryan. Even though he got his big present earlier in the year, I still had some smaller presents to give him, plus those from family as well.

Ryan's presents

One of them was a tackle box filled with some lures, but also some “fishing” candy. The idea was shared with me by a friend via Pinterest, and it was quite fun to put together. Plus, you can’t go wrong with Swedish Fish.

Fisherman gift

I also sported Ryan’s new sunglasses during the drive. They’re from Blenders Eyewear and they’re awesome!

Sunnt Gs

The drive was pretty long, so once we picked up a friend in Des Moines, I cuddled with Boone in the back. He was pretty comfortable.

Lazy Boone

Once we got there, it was time to eat! We went to a BBQ restaurant called Q39. Delicious! I’m not a vegetable person, but these were amazing. I couldn’t stop raving about them.


And how do you cap off a birthday night celebration? The best way we know how to: with some Big Buck Hunter action.

Big Buck hunter

Saturday morning I planned on going on a run, but the sidewalks were still pretty icy, so instead I went on a walk around the neighborhood, picked up Boone and took him on a walk as well, while the boys got some more Zzzs. 

Saturday am walk

Once everybody was all ready, we went to the Boulevard Brewing Co to do a tour. Started and made right in Kansas City, it was a must. The tour itself is pretty popular and actually kinda fun.


Plus, you get a couple of samples at then end. Not too shabby. 

KC Pils and Irish

The floors were quite amazing as well.

Wood floors

Mandatory brewery selfie!

Beer selfies

Before our drive Sunday, we had brunch at Tomfooleries, soooo goood! I also started my next book, El Alquimista (The Alchemist) by Paulo Coehlo.

El Alquimista

Then it was a long drive back to finish the night watching the Oscars and dominate the last week of February.


Have a good week!

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