Starting my garden

Good morning and Happy Friday! This week went by super fast and I’m excited for the weekend. I’m going to try to convince Ryan to do some housework with me to see if we can get the bathroom completely done. Just a few more things to go!

Warmer weather i sin the horizon, they’re saying highs of 40s this weekend and I’m pumped! Also, it’s time to start my seedlings for the garden. Whoop! I’m planning on doing a fairly small garden to start. More like a test garden to see what grows well in our yard. I’m keeping it to food we actually eat, I don’t really need one hundred cucumber plants. Also, I want to keep it manageable due to the longer work hours during the summer and my running schedule.

So, this past Sunday, I started my seedlings. Started by buying a whole lot of seeds. Not a real game plan, but just got some that attracted me. For this first batch, I went with three kinds of peppers (jalapeño, green pepper and a colorful blend) and herbs (sage, spearmint, lavender and rosemary). Some other seeds I plan to start this weekend. You want to make sure to read the back of the package to see when to time planting according to last frost date. For us in Iowa, the safe planting date is May 10-15.

Garden StartUp seeds

I don’t have the luxury of space to setup a whole space with big pots and a growing light, so I started my seedlings with Jiffy’s Greenhouse starter kit. It’s pretty simple and reasonably priced. I’ve also used it before with good outcomes.

Garden StartUp Jiffy

First up, add some water to the pan.

Garden StartUp water

Wait until all the pods absorb all the water and puff up.

Garden StartUp puffy

Next up, break the netting on top and ruffle the peat. The two on the bottom left are yet to be ruffled up.

Garden StartUp open netting

Place 2-3 seeds per pod and cover them with peat. I did three per herb and six per pepper.

Garden StartUp planting

Since seedling all look alike, I like to label the top to keep them organized.

Garden StartUp labeling

Now we wait until seedlings start to sprout. It takes a couple of weeks and I can’t wait! I’m super excited to get started on this garden trial and see how things turn out. Wish me luck and I’ll definitely keep you posted on my progress.

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Hi, found you at the Craftaholics party. Hope your plants grow strong. This is inspiring me to start too. 😀

  2. It always seems like it is too early to start seeds, then in a blink of an eye we have consistent warm days and it seems like I won’t have enough time to get seedlings started in time to plant outside.

    So, I end up going to the store and buying plants, kicking my self for not starting them indoors.

    I suppose it is time to get them started, then I won’t have to pay so much for the plants. Thanks for the heads up.

    • I know exactly what you mean. I’ve caught myself buying plants as well. I might be a tad early this year, but rather be a little early than too late.

      Good luck with your garden!

  3. Heyy! It’s awesome that you’ve decided to start your own garden. Hows that going? Do you already pick up the fruits of your effort? I’m currently trying to make a herb garden at home, but I’m still looking for ways to fit it in the kitchen!

    • Hello Amelia! This post is on the older side, so I haven’t been able to start the garden for this year yet. Soon, I hope to be starting some seeds indoors, but it’s not time for that yet. Last year’s crop was pretty good.
      Do you happen to have a window in your kitchen? When I lived in an apartment I used to place pots with herbs in the window sill and they did great indoors. You just need to make sure to clip and prune them do they stay more bushy and less leggy.
      Good luck!

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