Remembering a great friend

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend! I must say that mine was both relaxing and fun filled. As mentioned on Friday’s post, Ryan and I headed to Des Moines to meet up with some friends to commemorate the third anniversary of Aaron’s passing. It really is great to get together with everybody, catch up and celebrate a great friend. As my “dish” for the potluck, I made cookies. Of course, I had to make them according to the theme. So they were football jerseys with the number he played in high school, wrestlers with the orange singlet for his college days and his signature silhouette. They were a hit!

Aaron cookies

We all met up for bowling and it was both chaotic and fun. Fifteen people bowling in three lanes next to each other is nothing short of chaos. My bowling skills were lacking, but I still had a blast. The group included the high school friends, wives, Aaron’s sister and fiancée, Aaron’s cousin, plus a couple of babies. It really was a great group.

Memorial Bowling

After dinner, we lit a lantern in Aaron’s name and sent it off or at least tried to. It was super windy so it took some effort to take flight. We were joking that it was Aaron messing with the guys.

Lantern Aaron

Saturday morning was a pretty lazy one. I procrastinated on going on my run for the longest time and decided to just watch the boys play some old school Nintendo.

Morning Games

Finally I made it out and I’m super glad I did. I ran almost 7 miles, which is great to know I can because I have a 10K next week, which is part of the reason I made myself get out there. I am glad that I waited though, because the weather was perfect. Not too chilly, not to warm.

After my run 

I loved running in this neighborhood too. They have wide sidewalks and a lot of space between them and the road so it doesn’t feel like I’m running right by the traffic. I held a good pace until my knee started bugging me a bit, so I took a short walking break and then finished strong. It felt great.


After a shower, I took my spot on the couch and napped with a couple of cuddly puppies. The best kind of nap.


Then it was game time! We went to a pub to watch the Big 12 Tournament Championship game where Iowa State ended victorious for the second year in a row! I love watching them play. Plus, the taco pizza was amazing. The rest of the night Saturday was spent hanging out with our hosts for the weekend, Mitch and Missy.

Taco Pizza

After the drive back on Sunday, I got myself a little lunch treat, some KFC. I was craving some chicken strips pretty badly, plus it came with a cookie. That was a nice and unexpected surprise.

KFC cookie

Checked my seedlings as well. The first tray is doing pretty good. The spearmint is the only one that hasn’t really produced.

Tray 1 Update

I got a second tray started last week and the marigolds are of to a great start. Fun fact: marigolds are great garden borders because they help keep pests and bunnies away, plus they attract good insects that help pollinate the plants.

Tray 2 Update

To finish the night, I had a scoop of Bed & Jerry’s Hazed and Confused Core ice cream. Delicious!

Ben and Jerrys

Happy St Patrick’s Day tomorrow!

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