Easter Weekend

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! Mine was super relaxing. Got to see some family and friends, and I hardly had my phone on me, so sorry for the few pictures I took.

Friday, Ryan and I headed to his hometown after work. The drive wasn’t as congested as we expected, plus we played some sweet music to make the drive go faster. Once there, we just sat and talked with his parents for a while before going to bed.

Friday drive

Saturday started with a long run for me, 9 miles. It’s actually very peaceful to run around in his town because it’s very quiet and the openness of the corn fields make i feel more serene. You can really get lost in your thoughts running through here. The last mile was pretty brutal, but I still got it done and with a 10:08 per pile pace, not too bad. Plus, the day was absolutely gorgeous. I was happy all around.

 Saturday long run

Then we were off to his family’s Easter celebration. I made some M&M cookies for the occasion because they’re awesomely delicious and I like to bring something to family gatherings. Just doing my part. It was a great time catching back up with everybody.

Easter cookies

On our way back home, we stopped to check out a boat Ryan’s dad had his eye on. Well, he got the seal of approval and ended up buying it. He was really excited because it is his first boat ever. There’ll be a lot of time spent on it this summer.

we bought a boat

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out with friends. When it was time for bed, Boone was more than ready to accompany me.


Sunday morning, the Easter bunny came and left us some chocolate. How adorable are these puppies?

Easter basket

Then the whole family headed off to church and hung out for a while afterwards. Once again, the day was gorgeous, so the boys went out to try out the boat, while the girls stayed and hung out. Plus, I got a haircut! Nothing too fancy, just a trim, but it feels sooo much better.

Easter Sunday

On our drive home, I needed some fuel. I went with a Starbuck’s frappuccino, Smores flavored. I needed the sugar high. The flavor was kinda interesting. It tasted like if it had Bailey’s in it. Not what I was expecting, but not bad either. Not the best for a Sunday afternoon pick-me-up though. drive fuel

Here’s to a new week!

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