Five Minute Convertible Cardigan

It’s Friday! No matter what I have planned for the weekend, it’s impossible to not get excited on Fridays. This weekend will be super mellow and I foresee a lot of in-home time. We dropped Boone off at the vet this morning for his surgery, so we’ll spend most of the weekend with recovery, babying him and making sure he’s doing alright. The recovery process can take up to eight weeks, but we’d do anything for him. I mean, look at that face! I’ll post and update on the recovery on Monday, but if you can’t wait, just follow me on Instagram for more up-to-date recovery details.

Boone couldn't be cuter

For now, I’ll share with you a super easy project for the weekend. This one is inspired by the sweaters ballerinas usually wear. I love the classic look of them. So, I decided to make my own and make it a two-in-one cardigan: an open cardi and a crossover style.

Five Minute Convertible Cardigan

The first thing you need is a cardigan of choice. Mine is the a.n.a. flyaway cardigan from JCPenney.

ANA cardigan

One thing you want to make sure of, is that the bottom edge/seam of the cardigan is long enough to crossover your body. This cardi was perfect.

Convertible Cardigan long bottom

The only other thing you need is a Snap Fastener Kit and a hammer. You can find the fasteners at pretty much any craft store. They also have some color coated ones if you want them to blend a little better with your garment. 

 Convertible Cardigan snap fasteners

The snap fasteners have three pieces: the back with prongs (A), the female side (B), and the male side (C).

Convertible Cardigan snaps

The kit works by placing piece A prong side up on one of the guides. Place the piece of fabric on top and close the middle flap on top. Next, place piece B or C on top, close the third flap and hit with a hammer to lock in place. Open the fastener tool and your snap is in place. Easy as pie.

Convertible Cardigan with snap fasteners

For this particular project, you’ll just need two sets of snaps. The females will go on the flaps and the males will go on the sides of the cardigan. Figure out which way you want the cardigan “flaps” to fold over and place the snaps accordingly. This means that for example, the right flap will have the female part facing in, the right side will have the male part facing in, the left flap will have the female part facing out and the left side will have the male part facing out. Once all snaps are attached, they are virtually unnoticeable.

 Convertible Cardigan with snaps

Wear it open or closed, it will all depend on your mood or temperature, but you always have the option of changing your mind. I’m sure this cardigan will go into my regular rotation.

Easy Convertible Cardigan 

If you like the Red Beads and Ring Necklace, here’s the tutotial for it.


Hope you have a great weekend and that you get to enjoy some sunshine!

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