Gold Leaf Vase with Three Gold Leaf Techniques

Hello friends! The week has been pretty rainy over here, so my motivation level has been lacking. I have made it out on my training runs, but after that, I’m done for the day. Until the Sun comes out, I’ll just brighten my day with my latest creation: a gold leaf decorated vase. I used three different gold leaf techniques to create a complete look. Sometimes it was quite messy, but I loved the end result.

Gold Leaf Vase How To

The materials needed are: a plain vase, gold leaf adhesive, gold leaf sheets, metal flakes, leafing finish, sealer, brush, sponge applicator, and scissors. I used the Mona Lisa brand pen and leaf sheet set, gold metal flakes, and the Precious Metals leafing finish.

Gold Leaf Vase materials

Technique 1: Gold Leaf Flakes. This is the messy one. It’s pretty simple though. First, prep your surface by applying adhesive with the pen and let dry for about 5 minutes. Drying time is essential as it makes the glue sticky. Then, place your flakes on the prepped area and wait for them to set and adhere. With a soft brush, remove excess flakes. Repeat as necessary. I just did a few sections of the lid at a time.

Gold Leaf Vase loose leaf method

I say this is the messy part because these flakes are so light that if you even breathe their way, you’ll have gold leaf flakes all over the place. Messy.

Gold Leaf Vase detail

Technique 2: Leafing Finish. If necessary, tape off section not to be painted to create edge.

Gold Leaf Vase frog tape

With a sponge applicator, apply leafing finish. Since my surface was shiny, I had to do two coats. For the first coat, I just sponged it on and let it dry.

Gold Leaf Vase paint method

Once that first coat was tacky, I brushed on a second coat and took the tape off while the finish was still wet.

Gold Leaf Vase second coat

Finally, I cleaned up the edges with some cotton swabs dipped in water.

Gold Leaf Vase clean paint

Technique 3: Gold Leaf Sheets. You can use the sheets whole or cut them to different shapes. I decided to cut them out in a scale-ish design. Once ready, place adhesive with the pen, let dry 5 minutes, attach leaf paper side up, press to set and pull of paper. Once again, I did it in sections.

Gold Leaf Vase whole leaf method

If you don’t let the adhesive dry enough, the leaf won’t adhere to the vase. In this case, I liked the rougher look so I went with it. I just wanted to note that in case you’re looking for a “filled in” shape.

Gold Leaf Vase details

To finish it off, I placed a strip of adhesive along the edge of the copper finish and placed some gold flakes along it. With the brush, I I very slightly brushed over the area and small pieces attached to the sticky adhesive around the scales.

Gold Leaf Vase final coating

Time to finish the piece up. With a clean brush, apply sealant over the whole piece.

Gold Leaf Vase sealer

It will apply kinda white, but will dry clear.

Gold Leaf Vase dry sealer

That’s it!

Gold Leaf Vase

Use it for storage or just as decoration.

Gold Leaf Vase storage

Whatever you do, have fun!

Gold Leaf Vase with three techniques

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