Mother’s Day at the Lake

Good morning! Happy Monday! If you were in any of the areas that got hit by bad weather, I hope you stayed safe last night. We got lucky over here and just got some rain storms with hardly any thunder at all. It is quite humbling though when you get on your drive back home on Sunday, are tracking the weather to see if you’ll hit any bad spots, and you see a huge line of storms along the whole country. Quite the image. Luckily, Ryan and I beat the storm and just got a little bit of rain on part of our drive.


Friday wasn’t too eventful, so I don’t have any pictures, but while Ryan took Boone to the vet to get his checkup done, I ran my long run for the weekend. We wanted to hit the road early Saturday morning, so I changed my 9 mile run to Friday after work. I didn’t have high expectations, considering I ran 5 miles on Thursday, but it went impressively well. Afterwards though, I was beat. Boone was pretty beat up to, since they took his staples off, so we both napped until it was bedtime. Saturday morning started nice and early as we got on the road to Ryan’s parents lake property.

Drive Time

Being in house arrest, Boone hasn’t been able to enjoy the outdoors much, so he was extremely glad for the fresh air he got this weekend.

Taking a breather

Once there, we helped build a shed for the property. Boone was a great supervisor.

Building 101

He also had to wear the cone, since his wound was so tender after Friday, and I kept him company when he got separation anxiety. He’s a baby.

Cone boone

After we were done with the shed, it was time to get on the boat for some fishing.


Turns out, Boone loves being in the boat and he tested and approved every single seat in there.

Boones is on a boat

It was a great day out to be on the boat. We stayed out pretty later so by the time we got back and ate dinner it was time for bed.


Sunday, the weather cooperated more than we expected, so we used the opportunity to get out on the boat again. It’s quite a relaxing way to spend your Sunday morning.

Misty boat

Then, it was time to leave, so we said goodbye to the parents and headed home to relax before another work week started.

Mother Day group

To all the moms out there, hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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