Hanging out in a bathroom

Good morning! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful heroes out there. Specially my dad, who is the best of course!


This weekend was quite relaxing indeed, if you don’t count the hour we had hiding from a storm…. Friday night, Ryan and I drove over to his parent’s lake property to help them with some projects and spend the weekend. The weather was pretty nice, so we got to work right away. Boone always enjoys his time here.


Saturday, the boys went fishing first thing in the morning. On the other hand, I took about three naps. Just catching up on the week. Then, we got back to working on putting the shingles on the shed.

Shed Work

While we weren’t needed, Boone and I took shelter from the Sun and hung out.

Happy Shelter

Once afternoon rolled in, so did the storms. We were in a tornado watch and the thunderstorms started getting closer and closer.

Storms rolling

That’s when we decided to take shelter in the bathrooms, a little more sturdy than a camper. We were also graced with some hale. Which was probably the first time I’ve ever seen it in action. Once the storms went by, we went back to the camper and watched The Help, which was a really great movie btw.


Sunday, the boys went out on the boat again first thing in the morning and then picked us up a little later. It was quite warm so we put the canopy up for Boone to shield him from the sun and we also laid a wet towel on top of him. Needless to say, he also loved that.

Towel boone

After some fishing and eating lunch, we headed back home where I called my dad to wish him a great Father’s Day. Yes, it was a good weekend.

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