Paint Song Lyrics on Shirt with Acrylics

Hello hello! I’ve got a super fun project for you to try. Did you know you can make your own custom shirts in a few simple steps? With just a few tools, you can have your very own personalized shirt in no time.

Song Lyric Shirt

The materials you’ll need are:

  • shirt, preferably cotton
  • fabric paint
  • sponge applicators
  • stencil/printout
  • freezer paper
  • utility knife and cutting mat
  • cardboard
  • iron

Song Lyric Shirt materials

The first thing you’ll do is get your design ready. I had printed mine out, but misplaced it. So, I just redraw a different version. Make sure your design is on the matte side of the freezer paper.

Song Lyric Shirt design

With an utility knife, cut out the design. Make sure to save those tiny pieces in between letters (like in the As, Ps, Rs, Bs, etc).

Song Lyric Shirt stencil

Insert a piece of cardboard inside your shirt. This will keep it taught and protect the other side from the paint.

Song Lyric Shirt prepare

Center your stencil over the shirt. Measure and re-measure to make sure it’s centered and aligned properly.

Song Lyric Shirt layout

Iron on the freezer paper to the shirt. Be slow and careful not to rip out the stencil.

Song Lyric Shirt attach

At this point, remember to iron the small pieces as well.

Song Lyric Shirt small pieces

With the sponge applicator, press the paint into the design. Go over the entire design twice.

Song Lyric Shirt paint

Before it dries, carefully pull off the stencil.

Song Lyric Shirt dry

Remove the small pieces with the utility knife or other sharp object.

Song Lyric Shirt pull

Let shirt dry completely before pulling off the cardboard.

Paint Song Lyric on Shirt

Enjoy you’re one of a kind design and Happy Fourth of July tomorrow!

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