Wedding Weekend

Good morning! Can you believe July is almost over? I definitely can’t, it’s has flown by. Between house projects and busy weekends, the summer has been merging together.

Iowa skies

This weekend was no different. Friday night after work, Ryan and I got on the road for his cousin’s wedding on Saturday. Once we got to Northwest Iowa, we just hung out with his parents and chatted until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

Friday drive

Saturday morning we had some time to kill before the wedding, so the four of us went golfing. It was a beautiful day and the golfing wasn’t too bad either. I can’t remember the last time I actually spent some time enjoying the sun, so I was soaking up every minute of it. Plus, I got a par! Just on one hole, but can’t complain.


Then it was wedding time! It was great catching up with family and getting to see them again.


The wedding was gorgeous and my favorite part was that the bride and groom looked absolutely ecstatic. Love it!

Wedding with the fam

We made our way back early on Sunday to get going on the housework. We still have to paint some rooms… Boone’s sleeping during the drive perfectly sums up how I felt non Sunday, tired!

back home

Ryan and I were planning on going to the movies in the afternoon for a little break, but decided to take a nap instead. Then, we got back to painting. I know, we’re super cool. Anyways, we’re almost done with the painting which is quote exciting!

Have a good week!

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