Update Mirror With Spray Paint

Hey, it’s Friday! Soooo happy. I love weekends and more so lately because it gives me the time to take naps. Yes!

Now that all our upstairs rooms have been painted, I have no excuse to start decorating the walls. So, slowly but surely, I’ve been hanging things up here and there. One of them is the mirror by our entrance door. Ryan keeps complaining about the fact that we didn’t have it anymore, so I finally hung it up this week. It just needed a little update.

Spray Paint Mirror how to

The mirror frame was black, which is fine for a rental apartment, but it doesn’t match with anything in our house. Some spray paint and 30 minutes changed that. I used Rustoleum’s Metallic Flat Paint in burnished Amber and loved it!

Spray Paint Mirror

First took off the glass. This one works just like a frame so it was easy to do. If the mirror part doesn’t come off, you can just tape the whole thing.

Spray Paint Mirror assembly

Then, I cleaned the frame and placed it on top of a cardboard on a well ventilated area aka outside. this pregnant lady doesn’t need to inhale any fumes.

Spray Paint Mirror prep

After shacking the can, I put a layer of paint from every angle. The paint covered very nicely and was very thin, which I really liked. Waited a few minutes and then did another thin coat.

Spray Paint Mirror first layer

Once the top was dry, I turned it over and did a coat of paint on the backside just to cover any of the sides of the frame that got missed.

Spray Paint Mirror backside

Let it dry completely and reassemble. I did this the next day, just to make sure it wasn’t sticky at all.

Spray Paint Mirror reassemble

Hang up and done! Now it matches the curtain fixtures (which both look really black in this picture) and I have a happy husband.

Spray Paint Mirror diy

Hope your weekend is full of sweet adventures!

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