Pregnancy Update: Weeks 16 & 17

Happy Friday! Another weekend is upon us and it’s a long one at that. Have any fun Labor Day plans? We don’t, but hopefully we’ll keep trucking along on house projects. Gotta build a bed!

Well, today I turned 18 weeks pregnant, which is kinda bizarre to think about. Time is flying! So, it’s time for another update on what the last two weeks have been like. For my previous posts, just head on over here.

Baby Size

From the size of an avocado on week 16 to the size of an onion on week 16. I am up about 6 pounds since before being pregnant. Although it definitely fluctuates depending on the tie of day I weigh myself. At my 16 week prenatal appointment, the weight said I gained 6 pounds in a month, umm no. Just had a big lunch and chugged some water on the way there. Oops!

wk 16wk 17 

Daily Activity

Definitely feeling more like normal on a day to day basis. I’ve been able to exercise most nights after work, except usually Wednesdays which has become my rest day. I’m pretty good for the week if I give myself one day to just do nothing. My workouts have consisted of   run/walks with Boone, stationary bike, yoga and strength training with light weights.


Feeling more and more like my normal self, just with a bigger belly. Maternity jeans are amazing btw!

Sleep has been pretty constant. Wake up about once or twice a night, which is not unusual for me, but know I’m totally parched or completely wide awake and it takes a chug of water and bathroom visit to get me back to sleep.

I’ve been also feeling pretty alright during the day and then getting bouts of allergies at night. Not fun, but I think it was just the temperature drop we had last week because I’m feeling better now that it’s in the 80s.

The pain in my left hip has come back again. Not horrible, but still persistent.

I’m also starting to think that pregnancy brain is an actual thing. I haven’t done anything super crazy, but sometimes I’m just not all there. Last week I almost checked if the oil was hot on a pan with my bare fingers and almost grabbed a tray out of the oven without oven mitts. Thankfully, I’ve caught myself on time. This week I started making coffee in the morning and forgot to put a filter on the machine, again caught on time. And I also put my belly lotion on my arm instead of my belly. Oops!


I may or may not be starting to feel the baby move. ‘m not sure because it’s my first time and because it doesn’t quite feel like the fluttering it’s usually described as. It doesn’t happen when I’m just sitting around, but when I stand up, exercise or after going to the bathroom, I feel something in there. Can’t say it’s a kick or anything, but it’s more like my insides are readjusting. It’s weird. Let’s see what will happen in the next couple of weeks…

Also, Ryan’s mom went to a garage sale and kinda got a little excited buying baby stuff there. Here’s the pic she sent us…

Laurie's haul


We had our 16 week appointment last Wednesday and I was in and out of the office in about 10 minutes. Super fast. We got to hear the baby’s heart beat once again (150) which once again gave me so much peace of mind. I had Ryan come with me for support, it’s just better having him there. Our next appointment will probably be a bit longer since I’ll get an ultrasound and a few necessary vaccines. Nonetheless, I’m definitely looking forward to it. Guess I should decide whether I want to find the sex or not…

Nothing special going on this weekend, just some house work with some relaxation somewhere in between.

Have a great long weekend! 

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