Bulky Two-Strand Necklace

Happy Friday! Are you excited for the weekend? I sure am! Ryan and I are heading over to a college friend’s house to stay over for the weekend. Good food, good company, golf and football will be involved. I would say drinking too, but I won’t be partaking in that for obvious reasons. This weekend is the big rivalry game between Iowa and Iowa State, which I’m quite excited for. You can bet that I’ll be wearing my cardinal and gold with pride!

The project I’m sharing with you today is one that I’ve had all the supplies for a while, but just finally got to putting it together. It’s a very simple necklace, bulky, with great orange and cream tones and I can’t wait to wear it soon!

Double Strand Bulky Neklace in Orange Tones

The materials I used were:

  • beading wire
  • random beads in different sizes and colors, some of these came as sets
  • clasp
  • jump rings
  • crimps and covers
  • jewelry pliers

Double Strand Bulky Neklace layout

First up, I laid out how I wanted by beads to go. This was actually pretty fun and took me longer than usual because I kept changing the bead order. I strung the first and longest strand without securing either end because I wanted to make sure the length was right before doing so. With some crimp, covers and jump rings, I secured each end when I was happy with the length and design. Go here for a crimp refresher.

Double Strand Bulky Neklace  long piece

Did the same with the shorter piece. Again, left both end open to measure length and compare with longer strand.

Double Strand Bulky Neklace  short piece

Finally, I combined both pieces and attached them to the toggle clasp end.

Double Strand Bulky Neklace  end barDouble Strand Bulky Neklace end clasp

Done! It’s actually very simple and the impact is pretty big if you’re not afraid to think outside the box and mix and match beads that might not necessarily go together.

Double Strand Bulky Neklace

Have a fun weekend!


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