Football Weekend

Can I just say that I love love love football season?!?! You get to hang out with friends, watch some really good games, get excited and/or mad, eat good food and overanalyze your fantasy football team. It’s great.

Friday, Ryan and I set out to Des Moines to spend the weekend with some friends. Bright and early on Saturday, we went out on the golf course for a pretty good round of 18. I had some good swings, and some not good ones. Overall, it was a pretty good game though.

Golf cart

Plus, the day was absolutely gorgeous, so I’ll take it! Prefect way to prep for some serious football watching later on.

Golfing pregame

We went back to the house and had some amazing lunch while watching the Iowa vs ISU game. Unfortunately we lost, but it was still a pretty good time.

Brisket lunch

One of our friends works at ISU and brought us some Carmelitas from their dining center. Oatmeal, caramel and chocolate. These things put me through college and I was actually craving one of them. I will be eternally grateful for her haha.


Boone of course was there to give me puppy eyes whenever I sat down to eat anything.

Silly boone

We spent the rest of the day hanging out, playing games and watching more football. Sunday morning we slept in a little bit and Boone was not disappointed about that at all. He had a lot of doggie play time on Saturday.

Sleepy Sunday

We went out for breakfast at Jethro’s BBQ. They have a few establishments in the area with different themes. This one was bacon/breakfast and it was amazing.


Got back to watching some more football and naps.

Sunday football

Then we made it home to watch the Cowboys beat the Giants. The game got pretty exciting/frustrating, but we came out on top and loved it. Once again, football season makes me really happy!

Cowboys winning

Have a great day!

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