Weeknight Date Night

Good morning! Unfortunately, I don’t have any projects to share with you today, and probably even on Friday. Not that I haven’t been working on anything, but they are just projects that’ll take some time. Among the things I’m working on: a baby quilt, a knitted blanket, a baby mobile and repainting the changing table. The planned projects are: baby room artwork, coat hanger, bathroom artwork and a console bench. Finding the time to do these has been sort of a struggle when I get home from work tired and still need to exercise, cook and take care of Boone and the house. I’ll get them done though! Plus, I need help from Ryan because I need to stay away from staining and paints that aren’t latex/acrylic based. Boo hooo

Nonetheless, we had a date night yesterday to just relax. I had bought tickets a long time ago to check out Bo Burnham. Yesterday was the day. Originally, I was planning on having dinner at home and then staying over, but the day turned out to be so depressingly rainy, that I just needed a little pick me up. So, after work, we got dressed and all pretty and headed downtown to grab an early dinner before the show. We decided to stop by Dublin City Pub, which was a very good choice.

Dublin City Pub

Ryan had the fish and chips, while I tried the good old classic Rueben. Sooo, good. Nothing like a rueben when they actually used corned beef brisket instead of the sliced version. Plus, the fries were amazing. Ryan raved about his dinner too. He also had a Guinness and a Dos Equis. I had a sip of the later and it was heavenly. I’ll probably crave one now until the end if the pregnancy.

The Irishman

After watching the beginning of the Cubs/Mets game, we headed to the show. We had printed the tickets before, so it was a breeze to get into the theater and into our seats. Plus, they had tons of ushers. Although restored in 2008, it’s built in the 1920s style, which the pink, blue and gold decorations definitely showed.

Paramount Theatre

The opened, Adam Newman, who was pretty hilarious and set the night off right. He was followed by Bo Burnham, who was definitely good as well. Ryan and I had a few good laughs. We did both agree that he kinda lost us in his last rant a-la-Kanye-West, but he is geared more towards the college crowd so we get it.

Inside the theater

The night was great, Ryan and I had some time to get away and be by ourselves without any distractions. Love it!

Date night

Have a good day!

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