Busy Busy Weekend

Well this weekend came and went! It was pretty non-stop and I got a lot done, which I’m super pumped about, but by Sunday night my body was begging me to stop moving. Lately my belly has been going from feeling normal and almost non-existent to feeling it’s about to explode and I can’t move. When it starts feeling bloated, one of the best things I’ve found is carbonated drinks. Clear sodas we’re my go to during the first trimester, but I recently found La Croix carbonated waters. I’m not going to say they’re super delicious, but they’re ok and get the job done. I’ll have to see which flavor I’ll enjoy best.

La Croix water

After work, I stopped by the grocery store to get some stock up items and deals. Squash at 49 cents a pound? Yes! This was literally the smallest butternut squash in there too.

Butternut Squash

Saturday morning, Ryan and I had our labor and birth prep classes at the hospital. They we’re actually a lot less traumatizing than I thought, plus I got a massage out of them. Can we retake it? haha

Babby Classes

For the lunch break, we went to Red’s Public House and had some delicious food. It’s another new to us restaurant in the area. We definitely need to get out more.

Lunch at Reds

After the classes, Ryan went fishing, probably to clear his mind, while I stayed home and worked on a million things. Since I was going to be moving around the house and didn’t want Boone to feel neglected, I gave him a rawhide. These usually work very well to entertain him, but today he decided to go hide it, check if I saw him and then follow me around. Whatever.

Give a dog a bone

I got a few of the craft projects started and feel pretty good about getting them done in the next week or some. I also cleaned the second half of the kitchen and it felt great. Hate cleaning the fridge, but it always feels great once it’s over and done with.

busy bee

I also made the time to bake the Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies, which we’re pretty delicious. I ended up baking them a little longer, but I think my oven does that sometimes. I took some over to our friends’ house at night and they loved them as well.


The only bad part about baking while pregnant is that you can’t eat the raw batter. So sad.

No cookie dough for me

BTW, have you checked these things out? They’re little clay “tiles” that you soak up in water and then put them with your brown sugar to keep it moist and from getting hard. Lifesavers.

Sugar saver

Before the sunset, Boone and I went on a walk around the park.  It was definitely a gorgeous day out and this dog loves to get out there and enjoy the cool weather.

Walk with Boone

Walks at sunset, need to do these more often.

autmn walks

Sunday was a little more low key, but still very productive. I was wide awake at about 7, so I went to the living room and read a bit before getting the day started. Boone came with me to keep my feet warm and cozy. Love it!

HP morning

While Ryan went fishing, I think it’s a combo of getting out there as much as possible before winter comes and before the baby comes, I stayed in and worked on some more projects. At about midday, my body was running out of batteries, so I took a nap with Boone. The game was pretty boring, so it was pretty easy to doze off for 20 minutes or so.

football nap

After some more crafting, I took a snack break with the world’s smallest clementines.

smallest clementines

Once Ryan got back, we watched the Cowboys game and then relaxed for the rest of the night. I actually did get that Yahtzee too!

yahtzee night

After a shower and some electro therapy on my back, I was ready for bed.

Now on to another productive week!

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