Pregnancy Update: Weeks 26 & 27

It’s the end of the second trimester! Can somebody please tell me when time decided to start flying by? My appointments are every two weeks now, which only means that things are going to be moving a lot faster around here. The past two weeks have been pretty good. My aches and pains seem to have stayed in the back burner and my sister Hanna got to meet the baby, through my belly, but still.  

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Baby Size

The belly is growing right along as scheduled. It measured 28 cm on my appointment on Monday, so it’s right where it should be. Starting at 24 weeks, the doctor measures the belly vertically and the measurement in centimeters should correspond to the week in gestation. The baby went from being the length of green onions on week 26 to the size of a cauliflower head on week 27. I have no idea where they get these comparisons from, I’m just relaying that info. I am up about 17 pounds since before being pregnant. The belly is still not big enough to be uncomfortable, but I can definitely see that it’s getting a little more difficult to change positions at night. I can definitely feel the weight now.

  wk 26wk 27

Daily Activity

Workouts have been pretty hit and miss lately. Did a couple of strength training and hardly any walks with Boone. It’s absolutely dark out now when I get home from work and I really don’t want to go walking by myself in the dark. Instead, I throw the glow-in-the-dark ball for him so he gets a workout. One thing that is consistent, yoga and stretching. Sometimes I follow an online video, sometimes I just stretch while watching football. Whatever works!

  sunday walks


One thing that’s certain, baby is definitely taking more space in my belly and I am definitely going to the bathroom more often. By often I mean all the time. Any time I head out the door, I just make a quick trip just in case.

Getting a little more restless at night. One night this week I woke up every single hour and just needed to chug water. Needless to say, I had to make a midnight bathroom visit as well.

I’ve also been woken up a couple of times from the baby’s movements. One night I just stayed up for about 20 minutes with my hand under the side of my belly just feeling all the kicks and movements. There must’ve been a good party in there because that baby was non-stop. I loved every second of it.

Dreams keep popping up. Two of the more recent ones; bat attack where I was worried if I could get a rabies shot or not (btw, looked it up and it’s safe for preggos to get a rabies shot) and a visit from one of my ballet teachers who thankfully was pretty happy about my baby news and not upset that I had gained weight.


During Hanna’s visit, she got to feel the baby’s kicks and played some music for him/her.

my sis and I

Went for my 28 appointment this Monday. It was a very long and busy one. I got tested for gestational diabetes. I had to drink a lemon-lime water which had 50 grams of sugar in 10 ounces. Wait and hour and get my blood drawn. Came out negative! So happy I don’t have to worry about that. Had a Tdap shot, which protects the baby and I from whooping cough, tetanus and diphteria. It is also recommended that people who’ll be close to the baby once it’s born get it. Also had the RhoGAM vaccine since my blood is Rh negative. Mainly, this protects me from creating antibodies if the baby is Rh positive so I won’t potentially attack future possible Rh fetuses. Once baby is born, they’ll test his/he blood, if positive then I’ll get a second dose.

Ryan and I finished repainting the changing table and it looks great with the crib!  

Changing Table progress


The highlight this week, hands down, was a moment Ryan and I shared on our anniversary night. After dinner, I kinda felt a couple of strong kicks, so I laid down on the couch with Ryan and had him put his hand over the belly. Well, the baby apparently knew it was show time and for thirty minutes it was kicking around in there non-stop. The baby was having some of the strongest movements I’ve ever felt and it was a great feeling to be able to share this moment with Ryan. Any time I have the opportunity to have him be connected to the baby, I will take it. Sometimes I wish I could just give him the belly for a little bit so he can feel how often this baby moves. It’s truly an incredible feeling.

 Drivetime Friday

We’ll be hanging out with some friends this weekend at a tailgate and then before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here. I still have a couple of projects I hope to be able to squeeze in, so we’ll see  what happens.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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