Nutcracker Holiday Wood Decor

Remember the nautical art I made not too long ago? Well, I have a secret to share with you.

Nautical Stencil Wood Decor

I wanted to make it a multi-purpose artwork, so that’s what I did. On one side it has the nautical theme, but on the backside I stenciled some nutcrackers and I’m super excited about how it turned out.

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor

Materials needed:

  • 3 plywood pieces, 5”x14”
  • sand paper, course and fine grit
  • stain, Rust-oleum kona stain in my case
  • white and red acrylic paint
  • sponge applicator
  • image printouts
  • removable vinyl
  • pencil
  • Xacto knife
  • polyurethane
  • eyehooks
  • twine

The steps are basically the same as in the nautical wood ones, with the exception of the stencils being different. To prep the wood, cut out the plywood to desired dimensions (a), sand all sides with a course grit sandpaper followed by a finer grit one (b) and fill in any gaps or imperfections in the wood with wood filler (c).

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor wood prep

Next, stain the pieces of wood in a well ventilated area using a rag to clean off excess stain.

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor stain

This project is based on one I found on Lowes a long time ago and the site has the stencil downloads. To get your stencils ready, scale and print the images to size.

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor printouts

To transfer the graphic to the removable vinyl, rub the back of the image with a charcoal pencil (a), place the image charcoal side down on the vinyl and trace the graphic (b) making sure to mark the edges of the image to align stencil in wood cutout, and cut out the image with an Xacto knife or scissor (c).

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor stencil

Carefully align and transfer the stencil to each piece of wood, pressing down firmly.

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor stencil placement

With a sponge applicator, apply white acrylic paint onto the stencil. You do not want to use too much acrylic at a time, so it doesn’t smear or pool under the stencil. A few light coats are better than a single thick coat.

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor paint

Before the paint completely dries, carefully remove the stencils.

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor remove stencil

The surface on this side of the wood was pretty rough, so I ended up with a lot of runoff under the vinyl. To fix this, just go over the edges with a very fine brush with white acrylic or a contrasting color, like red.

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor red outline

Personally, I like the contrast with the red. To remove the excess white paint that bled quite a bit, I just carefully scraped it with the Xacto knife.

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor scratch white out

Once completely dry, seal the items with a coat or two of polyurethane.

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor seal coat

Attach an eyehook on either side of the wood pieces (a) and tie a 12” piece of twine to the eyehooks for hanging (b).

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor hanging mechanism

The two sided decorations can now be used year round.

Holiday Stencil Wood Decoration

You get two sets of artwork for just a little more effort and work. Love it!

Holiday Nutcracker Stencil Wood Decor

Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday Stencil Wood Decor how to


  1. This is so cute! Thanks so much for linking up at Friday Finds.

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