Picture Frame Mats from Paper

First week of December is almost done, can you believe it? The holidays will be over before we know it. Ryan and I just put up our Christmas tree yesterday, which always helps to put is in the holiday spirit. Christmas isn’t quite Christmas without a tree, am I right?

Anyways. today I’m sharing with you a quick way to update your picture frames with a cheap alternative to those expensive matboard boarders using regular old cardstock paper. You don’t need any special tools or a trip to the craft store. Plus, it works well even if you have an odd shaped picture.

Paper Picture Frame Mats frame

The first things you need are a picture, picture frame and different colored cardstock. You want to test out a variety of colors to see what’ll work best for your picture/frame combination.

Paper Picture Frame Mats maroon

To try them out, just place the empty frame (no backing or glass) over  each cardstock with the picture in the middle. See what pops or works best for you.

Paper Picture Frame Mats blue

In my case, the blue worked best, but it was still looking too dark, so I went with a white and blue combo.

Paper Picture Frame Mats white and blue

Since the white was going to be in the background, I cut it to the frame dimensions, 5×7, using the sample picture as a guide. It’s easier than measuring.

Paper Picture Frame Mats background cutout

Then, glue or paste your picture to the blue cardstock. Make a couple of marks on two sides so the spacing is the same on either side.

Paper Picture Frame Mats mark and paste

Mark the same distance on the opposite side and cut the blue cardstock to the measurements. There’s a 1/16 inch border in this picture.

Paper Picture Frame Mats trim

Next up, align the picture with blue border over the white background. Center and paste or glue. No need to get fancy here, clear tape works just fine.

Paper Picture Frame Mats glue

Once it’s all cut and assembles, it’s time to put your frame back together.

Paper Picture Frame Mats aseemble

Hang up on your gallery wall and done. In the picture below, the Venice picture to the left of the Rome sign was done in the same manner.

Gallery Wall

It’s an easy five minute project and a great way to update your old picture frames.

Have a good weekend!

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