Pillow Cover with Pet Photo

Hello and happy Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? Ryan and I are probably going to lay low and get some things ready for when the baby comes, like my hospital bag and diaper bag. Maybe even play around with installing the car seat in our vehicles. Should be fun!

For the holidays this year, I gave my family handmade presents. So, I’m sharing some of these with you in the next couple of weeks. Today’s tutorial is for a pillow cover personalized with a pet photo. It turned out super cute and my sister loves it. Since moving to New York, she had to leave her puppy with my parents, and this is a great way to have her at all times.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo

Materials needed:

  • Mod Podge’s Photo Transfer Medium
  • Mod Podge’s Fabric Sealer
  • sponge applicator
  • 16 in x 16 in pillow insert
  • patterned fabric, cuts: (1) 15.5×15.5, (4) 9.5×3.5, (4) 3.5×3.5, (2) 2×3
  • white fabric (2 for photo transfer, at least 10×10)
  • interfacing, 15.5×15.5
  • zipper 14”
  • dry-toner printed photo (at least 10×10)
  • scissor, ruler, sewing supplies

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo materials

The first thing we want to do is transfer the picture to the fabric. I’ve done this before for a travel case and the process is quite simple. With a sponge brush, apply the photo transfer medium to the whole face of the picture covering completely. Place picture face down on the white fabric and smooth (a squeegee or spatula work great). Let dry overnight.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo transfer

With a damp towel, soak the photo paper and gently start rubbing until paper starts to peel off, but image stays in place. Be gentle enough to remove the paper, but not the image. If a white film remains once dry, rewet surface and rub until no paper remains.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo scrub

Once dry, apply a thin coat of fabric sealer to protect the image and cut to 9.5×9.5.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo sealer

Time to sew! Sew the top and bottom strips (9.5×3.5) to the photo fabric. To add more support, I included an extra piece of white fabric behind the photo one, which also provides it with more contrast. Note: I used 1/4” seam allowance throughout the project.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo top bottom

Next, sew the top and bottom squares (3.x5x3.5) to each of the side pieces.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo sides

Sew these to the photo piece to create the pillow front.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo front cover

To prepare the zipper, fold the two pieces of 2×3 fabric in half lengthwise and sew to each of the zipper’s ends. With the fabric pieces, the piece should measure 15.5”.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo zipper prep

To attach the zipper, line the zipper and the back fabric (15.5×15.5) face to face and sew along the top. Use a zipper footer for this.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo zipper attachment

Next, align the photo front with the zipper (face to face) and the interfacing in the back of the photo fabric. Sew along top. Zipper is now attached to both the front and back of the pillow cover. I placed the zipper in the bottom of the pillow, but placement is really up to you.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo attach zipper

With the zipper open, fold the fabrics face to face and pin in place. Sew along the three edges starting at one end of the zipper and ending on the other end.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo sew sides

Turn cover over, iron and fill with pillow insert.

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo pillow insert

The pillow is also a great way to add some pop to any decoration. Plus, look at that cute face!

Pillow Cover with Pet Photo how to

Have a good weekend!


  1. I wish I could add a picture here and let you see that my dog is your dog’s doppleganger! Amazing…and I love the idea!

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