Mom is in Town!

Hey! This should be a short one since nothing much happened this weekend really. Friday was a pretty low key day for us. Ryan spent most of the night working on his ice fishing gear and I spent the night crafting. Boone was not excited about being ignored all night, but he gets over it quick.

Lazy Boone

Saturday, I spent the day wrapping up some loose ends while Ryan went to ice fishing and then to a wedding. Then, it was time to pick mom up from the airport! Not before getting the car washed, it’s mandatory before family comes over. Plus, Ryan had left it pretty filthy.

Car Wash

Mom’s in town in preparation for baby’s arrival, so any time now s/he can come into the world. Hopefully, it won’t be tomorrow though since we’re expecting quite a bit of snow.

Moms in Town

After dinner, we just hung out for a while and got settled. Since I had a new buddy in town, Boone decided to jump ship and cuddle with Ryan, which he thoroughly enjoyed since I’m usually the one he prefers to cuddle with.

Boone snuggles

Sunday, mom and I went to church and had a coffee date afterwards, while Ryan did some more ice fishing. He’s trying to get his fill before it’s too late.

Coffee Date

The rest of the day was spent just hanging out, working a little bit and relaxing before the week. And of course, Snapchat fun!

Snapchat Fun

Here’s to a great week!

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