Baby Quilt, Part 2: Quilting and Finishing

Hello! Glad to have you back. Today, I’ll be sharing with you the second part of how I made my baby quilt. Part 1 focused on making the design, getting the fabric ready and sewing the front of the quilt. Today, I’ll show you how I made the quilting pattern and finished the item.

Baby Quilt and Boone

We left off with a completely finished from piece.

Baby Quilt top and bottom border

From here, the next step is to “sandwich” the fabrics together. You want to align the front of the quilt, then the batting and finally the back fabric. Lay they nice and taught.

Baby Quilt layers

This is when I cut the excess batting and back fabric.

Baby Quilt interfacing sandwich

Pin and pin and pin some more. You want to make sure that the three pieces of fabric stay together while you quilt them.

Baby Quilt pin

To make the quilting design, you have a few options. I decided to go with a zigzag pattern. At first, I meant to measure and mark a grid on the fabric, but after thinking about it a little more, I figured I could use the back fabric as my guide. It’s a gridded dot design, so I just marked the dots that would be my transition points (6 down and 5 across).

Baby Quilt zig zags

Start from one end of the quilt to the other. When switching directions, it’s important to make sure the needle is inserted through the fabric before lifting up the presser foot. Then carefully rotate the fabric, so the needle doesn’t break. Put presser foot back down, sew and repeat until pattern is done.

Baby Quilt pivot quilt

By the end of my fabric, I couldn’t do a full pattern, so I just sewed along the edge of the fabric for these sections.

Baby Quilt zig zag edge

Your quilting pattern is now done!

Baby Quilt quilting

For the edge, you’ll need to iron your 4” strips in half.

Baby Quilt binding 2

Then, fold each side into the middle crease and iron.

Baby Quilt binding 3

Finally, fold that in half and iron once again. The ironing makes sewing the binging a lot easier.

Baby Quilt binding 4

Sew the binding around all the edges of the quilt.

Baby Quilt attach binding

Make sure to fold corners in cleanly.

Baby Quilt fold corners

Also, when joining to separate strips, sew one underneath and the top one should get folded to eliminate raw edges.

Baby Quilt fold over binding

I decided to do two side by side strips of stitching.

Baby Quilt corners

That’s it! The quilt is finally done.

Baby Quilt at home

I loved loved how it turned out and I must say it wasn’t bad at all for a first stab at quilting. Pretty proud of myself on this one.


















Baby Quilt design

Can’t wait for Baby Ayers to use it! At least Boone seems to enjoy it!

Baby Quilt how to

Hope you enjoyed this and that it inspires you to create something awesome soon!

Baby Quilt corner details

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