Just Waiting Around

There was a lot of waiting going on around here this weekend. Being past my due date, even if it’s just for a day or two, really makes me antsy and just wondering when go-time will be. So, we ran a couple of errands, but mostly hung out around the house.

I was pretty tired after work on Friday, so I snuggled with Boone almost all night.

Boone snuggles

Saturday, mom and I went to run some errands aka shopping, and got back to a bouquet of flowers for baby. Ryan bought this super colorful bouquet to encourage baby to come out, but apparently it needs a lot more of bribing than that.

Flowers for baby

We also got Boone a toy so he could entertain himself for a total of 15 minutes before performing some strategic surgery and taking out the squeaker. He’s an expert.

Toy destroyer

Still nothing on the belly front and the day was pretty nice, so we went out for a short walk.

Walks w mom

Saturday night, we treated ourselves to a few games of Yahtzee. On the second round, we all got a Yahtzee on our first turn. Ridiculous.


Sunday after church, we hung out for a while and later got the motivation to move and go on a quick Target run. Here we are in the aisle I wish I could partake in, soon though.

Target trip

Then, it was Super Bowl time. I made some pigs in a blanket, which were delish.

Pigs in a Blanket

And Ryan made some homemade pretzels, which were pretty good too.


The mandatory belly pic (40 weeks 2 days)…

Belly Cooking

Then, back to bed we went after the game.

Hope this baby decides to greet us soon!

Have a good week!

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