Windy Weekend

Well, one thing’s for sure, this weekend was all over the place. Olivia was pretty fussy all Saturday long and wasn’t comfortable unless she was held and cuddled. While on Sunday, she was much better all day long. That’s life with a newborn.

Friday, came and went without any pranks being played. I’ll get Ryan next year. I did start an Instagram yoga challenge, so even if I don’t really have the time to do a full routine right now, at least it’ll make me work on a new pose every day. Should be fun!

Instagram challenge

Saturday was spent taking care of Olivia. We really didn’t do much and anything had to be left unfinished to take care of her, like the swing being built in the background.

Messy Saturday

As always though, Boone was right there to keep an eye on us.

Guard Dog

The forecast called for nice weather on Sunday and I knew we needed to some time outside, but first we ran some errands. Went to Theisen’s to pick up some garden supplies. Hopefully, this year will be the year we start one for sure


Later in the afternoon, we headed to the local arboretum for a nice walk outside. Boone got to hang out in the water for a while. He was pretty stocked about it.

 In the water    
They day was pretty windy, but the sun was shining and the heat was very welcomed. Olivia slept through the whole thing though.

Magnolia walk

Once back home, it was time to wind down for the day, wrap up any house chores we started and rest before the week. Hope it’s a wonderful one!

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