Olivia’s Two Month Update

It’s official, time is flying by. Olivia is two months old now and I’ll be heading back to work before I know it. We had her two-month appointment on Monday. She got her shots and physical and everything went well. She’s on the tinier side for babies, but her growth curve is on par of where it should be. So everything is going great!

2 month OMA


Olivia keeps on breastfeeding like a champ. Still about every three hours during the day, sometimes more often if she goes through a fussy period, and about two times at night. We have a pretty good routine set up. Since I’m with her all day long, I’m only pumping once a day, between morning feedings. I figured that if I wait a bit after feeding, I’m actually able to produce more milk and give my supply a chance to replenish before the next feeding. As per doctor’s recommendations, we’re going to be adding at least a bottle a week to get her used to them before I go back to work. She actually said to leave the house so she couldn’t even smell me for comfort while Ryan gives her the bottle.

 Ryan OMA


Must say that we haven’t been the best at being forceful with sleeping in the crib. She was always so fussy at night that I just caved and co-slept with her. She’s been giving us longer stretches at night, 4-6 hours between feedings, so we’re going to be enforcing the crib a bit more. I’ve been putting her in there for daytime naps and it’s been kind of hit and miss. Mornings are easier than afternoon naps. I’ve heard that it’s good to place the baby in the crib when they’re sleepy, but not actually sleeping, so they learn to fall asleep on their own. Well, Olivia is not a fan of that in the afternoons. She has to be completely zonked out to stay on the crib. Case in point, I tried to put her on the crib for her afternoon nap yesterday about four times. Finally, I gave up and let her fall asleep on me for about 20 minutes before transferring her over to the crib. Monday night, we were able to put her on the crib for the first sleep cycle, but after her 3am feeding she was wide awake and then went past the point of exhaustion, so back in bed with us she went. We’ll get there eventually…

sleep w Boone

Awake Time

I’m finally able to do a lot more tummy time with her. It seems that before she was just either sleeping or just ate, so I couldn’t find a good time to do it without her spitting up all over the place. She’s pretty good at keeping her head for a few seconds now. I find that she does better when she’s propped up on either of the Boppy pillows. She’s also loving chimes and following toys around. Her favorite has to be when we sing or talk directly to her on one-on-one interactions.

Awake OMA


I’m doing pretty well. Physically, I feel almost back to “normal”. I’m still 9 pounds over my pre-baby weight and a little flabbier. I intend to get back to exercising, but right now I just don’t have much motivation. She takes up a lot of my time.

Some days are a little rougher than others. When Ryan gets back from work he might find me in a very good mood because Olivia stuck to the plan, or on the verge of tears (or with red eyes from already crying) because she just didn’t want to fall asleep and cried no matter what I did. This probably happens about once a week. The cold Spring hasn’t been much help boosting my mood on those days either. Can’t wait for warm Summer days!

Sleepy OMA


She still hates bath time, the temperature has to be just right for her not to scream her lungs out.

Still ignoring Boone.

Starting to make sounds, smile all the time and loves eating her hands.

Boone OMA

Olivia has definitely been great to have around and we are absolutely in love with her. We can notice small changes on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis now. It’s quite a fun adventure.

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