Finally, some 70s

Hola! Well, this weekend was amazing. Although nothing extraordinary happened, it was pretty low key, the weather was great! Sunny and warm, just how I like it.

Friday, Olivia and I just hung out during the day and went on a beer run. The sunny weather called for some Coronas…

Corona walk

Olivia and I hung out in the sun room because it was so bright and nice outside, but this little girl still needs to stay out of the sun.

baby hangout

Saturday and Sunday were the kind of days that when noon hits, you’ve got so much done that it feels like it’s almost dinner time. Ryan worked on making our garden while I worked on keeping our baby alive and random things inside the house. We went to visit Ryan to give him support and water every so often, and Olivia sported this sweet hat one of her great aunts made for her.

 baby hat

Sunday, after all our chores were done, we headed out to the arboretum once again to go on a walk. It was just too nice out to not enjoy it.

walk about 

Boone also got to spend some time in the water, which he loves. Anything to keep the dog happy!

boone and water 

We also stopped to take a quick family pic. It was sort of cloudy, which was nice so we could keep Olivia out in the open without a problem.

magnolia family  

I’ve also been starting yoga once again. I’m going the #FollowYourDreamsWithTFM on Instagram and did yoga three times this past week. The stretches feel great, slowly getting my strength back and working on getting my posture straight again. Holding a baby a lot can make you a bit hunchback…


That’s all! Nothing too fancy, but just perfect for me.

Hope you have a great week!

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