Time to make some pie

Hello again! Hope you had a good weekend! This post is coming a little late today because Miss Olivia has been a bit needy lately. She thinks it’s fun to only nap when being held, which makes for a very unproductive weekend. When she goes past nap time and starts wailing for 20 minutes straight, once she’s down for the count, you bet I’m going to keep her on me so she actually sleeps. She knows how to get what she wants.

Since Ryan was home Saturday morning, I was able to make a more elaborate breakfast than my usual cereal or oatmeal. Bacon for the win!


Then, I devoted all my attention to Olivia while Ryan worked on some landscaping. She hardly napped during the day, so I didn’t get much done.


At night, we met up with some of Ryan’s college roommates to celebrate the 30th birthday on one of them. It was a quick trip to Ames and Olivia actually behaved pretty well the whole time. It was great meeting up with them once again. All parents now, its funny how our conversations have changed, but it was nice to reminisce as well.

hyland gang

Olivia received an awesome pair of sneakers from her grandpa. Can’t wait to have her wear them! They are too cute.


Sunday, Ryan went fishing in the morning and got back to take a nap with Olivia.


And we got a special delivery from our neighbors, rhubarb! Which only means one thing, time to make some pie! Hopefully Olivia will cooperate with me…


Hope you have a good week!

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