Silk Flower Wreath

Good morning! With Spring wanting to show it’s colors, I thought it was time for a new wreath, but I wanted to use items I already had around the house. When I stumbled upon my wedding flowers, I new I had a winner. Plus some yarn and hot glue, I had everything I needed for my wreath and love how it turns out.

Make a unique wreath using handmade silk flowers


Silk Flower Wreath materials

Using cardboard for the base saved me a trip to the store. I just drew an oval shape on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. I did take general measurements (how long and wide, width of center cutout) to make sure it was pretty symmetrical. Once you have your base, you can start wrapping yarn around it.

Silk Flower Wreath start yarn

I find it easier to cut the yarn in about three foot strips instead of moving with the whole skein. Affix it to the back of the wreath with hot glue. You can be messy, nobody will see the back.

Silk Flower Wreath yarn

Next, I had to deconstruct my bouquets to get the silk flowers and the floral stems I wanted to use. You could also just use new fabric flowers if you don’t want to make your own.

Silk Flower Wreath silk flowers

The two sets of flower stems go in first. With the design being off center, the flower stems will be as well. With more hot glue, attach the larger stems.

Silk Flower Wreath orange decor

Once dry, attach the smaller ones.

Silk Flower Wreath white decor

Then, it’s time for the flowers. Play around with color, texture and placement to find a layout appealing to you and start gluing away.

Silk Flower Wreath design

I found that it’s easiest to hold all the petals back in you fist and place the hot glue on and around the stem part.

Silk Flower Wreath silk flower

Finally, attach a lopped ribbon to the back of the wreath on the top.

Silk Flower Wreath ribbon

I love the sentimental attachment of the wreath. It’s a fun wedding keepsake without being kitschy or screaming wedding. Sometimes it does pay off to hoard some items.

DIY Silk Flower Wreath

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