Photo transfer on wood and canvas

Good morning and happy Wednesday to you! I got a pretty simple and fun project today. I though it was time to expand my gallery wall, so I made a couple of photo transfers to go on it. One is on wood, the other on canvas. They turned out perfectly.

Wood and Canvas Photo Transfer


Wood Photo Transfer materials

First, make sure you have your picture printed to size and on an dry-toner printer. Also, if necessary, print a mirror image of your pictures, critical if you have words, otherwise you’ll have a flipped image. Also, clean the surface of your wood slab. I worked on the canvas one at the same time, but I’ll be showing you the process with the wood one. On the front of the picture, lather a generous amount of photo transfer medium with a sponge applicator. The idea is to cover the picture completely so it can’t be seen.

Wood Photo Transfer apply medium

Carefully, place wood over the picture and turn over. With firm pressure, smooth the printed image and remove any air bubbles. You could use a rubber squeegee or spatula for this step.

Wood Photo Transfer  smooth out

For the canvas one, I wrapped the image around the surface.

Wood Photo Transfer  canvas sides

Let dry over night. With a wet rag, moisten the surface of the paper and gently start rubbing the paper off.

Wood Photo Transfer wet and rub

As the paper gets wet, it will naturally tear off into pieces leaving the printed image behind.

Wood Photo Transfer  peel

Do this with enough pressure to lift the paper, but gently enough to leave the image undisturbed.

Wood Photo Transfer peeling

Let dry. See if you need to go over with a wet rag once again. I usually do. In the picture below you can see how both turned out after one passing.

Wood Photo Transfer dry

Cut off the excess paper and/or dried photo transfer medium from the sides by shaving with an Xacto knife.

Wood Photo Transfer edges

Once completely dry and finished, you can apply a coat of gloss sealer for extra protection.

Wood Photo Transfer gloss

I only did this with the wood one since I like the rough matte finish on the canvas one.

Wood Photo Transfer  apply gloss

If necessary, place a picture hanger on the back and display in your favorite spot. They look pretty cool!

Wood and Canvas Photo Transfer

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