Loving the Nice Weather

Good morning! Oh my, I am loving this weather. It’s finally extremely nice here and there’s nothing like feeling some sun on your skin again. We’ve lucked out with a few great weekends and we have definitely made the most of them. This weekend was no exception.

My sister got into town Thursday, so Olivia got to spend her whole day Friday with her Titi (auntie in Spanish). I got a lot of picture and video updates during the day and loved it. They had a blast together and she even rolled for the first time ever! So exciting!

TitiK and OMA

After work, we went out to eat at Q Dogs BBQ and it was delicious. We got a craving thanks to a snap from one of our other sisters and this place did not disappoint. Don’t mind my picture skills with my short little arms.

Iowa Wolfpack

I had the pulled pork sandwich, sooo good. The coleslaw was perfect and the buttery crust of the cornbread was perfection.

BBQ Dogs

Saturday, we spent the morning hanging around until it was time to drop off my sister at the airport. Very sad to see her go. As soon as I got back though, we had visitors. Ryan’s uncle and wife stopped over to say hello and meet Olivia, so did one of Ryan’s HS friends, wife and daughter. We hung out for a little talking and catching up.

Sis in town

After that, we just hung out with Olivia on the floor being amused by her rolling over, learning how to scream in a very high pitched tone and just being overly excited about everything. Ryan ended up going out for a couple of beers with some work friends while I was just fine staying home with a napping baby in my arms.

OMA rolling

Sunday, once Olivia went down for her first nap, I did some yoga. It felt sooo good to stretch out. My back has been pretty sore from all this mommying and stretching makes it feel a million times better.

yoga Sunday

Then it was off to do some weeding. Now that my plants are coming up, I can tell which were weeds and which ones are the actual plants, so a half hour of weeding cleared everything back up and now the plants have space to grow.


Midday, we headed off to the Iowa City Arts Festival to walk around with Ryan’s cousin and his family. The day was gorgeous so it was a great excuse to go outside and enjoy it.

Iowa Arts

Once we got back, we hung out with Olivia some more and entertained her. After shower time though, she wouldn’t fall asleep and cried and fuzzed for about two hours. It was definitely a tough night. Once she fell asleep though, she set fine through the night. Hopefully, she’ll have an easier day today.

Have a good week!


  1. Nothing compares to nice weather! I love it when the time comes to switch off all air conditioning at home and my family is finally able to enjoy the natural warmth of long summer days. I mean both indoors and outdoors, it’s priceless.

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