Copper Tassel Necklace

Good morning! How are you doing? Hopefully doing better than Olivia. She’s been battling a cold and fever for the past two days, so hopefully some mommy time this weekend will be helpful. In between that, I had time to make a super quick necklace. Something simple and fun that I can just throw on and walk out the door.

How to make a Copper Tassel Necklace

Materials needed:

  • jewelry pliers
  • copper chain
  • various accent beads
  • copper findings: jump rings, eyepins, clasps, cone bead

Copper Tassel Necklace materials

First, you want to make your tassel. For this, you’ll need to cut 10 strands of chain to the same size. The easiest way is to hang the chain on an eyepin and cut the strands to the same size, no counting or measuring needed.

Copper Tassel Necklace  strands

Next, assemble the tassel. First, place all the strands into a medium sized jump ring and attach this to the end on an eye pin. Thread through the cone, add a decorative bead and finish by making a loop.

Copper Tassel Necklace tassel

Next, connect the rest of the pieces of the necklace pendant. starting with the main bead flanked by two small copper beads.

Copper Tassel Necklace main

A single decorative bead.

Copper Tassel Necklace accent

Finally, a metal decoration gets attached to a single jump ring.

Copper Tassel Necklace metal

Attach all of these together to complete the necklace’s pendant.

Copper Tassel Necklace pendant

Thread the chain though the end jump ring and attach a clasp at the end.

Copper Tassel Necklace chain and clasp

Done! Easy as 1-2-3.

Copper Tassel Necklace

If you want a refresher on jewelry making or just getting started, check out this post HERE.

Copper Tassel Necklace detail

Have a good weekend!


  1. Such a pretty necklace! Pinning it so I can try it once I dig all of my jewelry making stuff out of the closet. Thanks for sharing.

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