A day in the life

So, as you might have noticed, things have really slowed down around here once I had Olivia. Even though I still do projects here and there, I definitely don’t have the same amount of time I had before. Between work, taking care of Olivia and housework, the little time I have off, I like to use relaxing and spending time with my family. To give you a look inside what my days look like right now, I decided to keep track of my day, hour by hour. So, here’s a recap of my day Wednesday morning to Thursday morning.

5:33 am I finally get up and get ready for the day.

5:56 am I grab Olivia, change and feed her

Wake Up OMA

6:17 am Ryan gets Olivia ready for the day. I get ready for our day (lunch, bottles, breakfast, coffee)

6:36 am Drive to work, ten minutes late

7:07 am Arrive at work. Spend my day rendering plans, setting up tasks, emails, three pumping sessions, lunch, doctor appointment, meetings, errands, phone calls etc.

Work 1

5:01 pm Head out to pick up Olivia

5:21 pm See my baby’s cute little smile and my day gets a million times better. Talk and sing to her on the car ride until she falls sleep.

5:43 pm Get home. Unload the car, including the sleeping baby. Unpack bottle and pumping supplies for the day, put the dishes away, change into my yoga pants (ahhhh! comfort), cube chicken for dinner, all while Olivia finished her nap. Ryan gets home sometime in there.

6:00 pm Olivia wakes up and spends some time with dad.

6:08 pm Feed Olivia. Enjoy this time with her.

6:33 pm Hand Olivia over to Ryan. Cook dinner and clean kitchen. Prepare Olivia’s dinner.

7:08 pm Eat dinner and feed Olivia carrots and pears.

Feeding OMA

7:29 pm Floor playtime with Olivia.

Playtime OMA

7:50 pm Ryan gives Olivia a bath while I get her room ready for the night and throw a load of laundry in. After the bath, I get Olivia ready for the night (lotion, clean ears and nose, brush hair, fresh diaper, put PJs on).

8:15 pm Nurse and rock Olivia to sleep. I’m almost there when she decided to poop. So, I change her diaper and PJs (blowout!). Try to rock her back to sleep to no avail.

8:45 pm Tag Ryan in to get Olivia to sleep. I go wash the baby bottle and pumping supplies.

8:51 pm Ryan comes out of the room successful. I feel like a loser for not being able to lay her down. She’s picky like that sometimes.

9:05 pm Shower and get ready for the night. Whiten teeth, do some eyebrow tweezing (wow I needed it)

9:40 pm Get some water for the nightstand, charge my phone, charge monitor, hang out with Ryan.

10:10 pm Go to bed. Maybe fall asleep sometime around 10:30ish

1:00 am My alarm goes off for pumping. I look at the monitor to see how Olivia is doing, she likes to wake up during this time and eat instead of letting me pump. She looks fine and I’m super tired. My internal struggle starts, I should pump to save my frozen supply and I’m exhausted.

1:23 am Finally get up to pump. Wash supplies, get laundry from downstairs.

Laundry time

1:52 am Go back to bed.

2:12 am Last time I remember looking at the clock and still I hadn’t fallen asleep yet. My mind never rests with to dos.

5:05 am First alarm goes off.

5:21 am Olivia starts to stir, so I get up and go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, put on my contacts. Ryan gets Olivia and changes her diaper.

5:28 am I feed Olivia and the whole cycle starts again.


As you can see, there’s not much room for working on crafts unless it’s five minutes here and there, which is not very productive. I know what some people might think “if you really want to do it, then you’ll make time for it”. Frankly, I rather get some sleep and spend the little time I have with Olivia and Ryan. I enjoy my time with them, as well as enjoying the moments where I can get to be creative, even if they’re more sporadic nowadays.

Have a good weekend and Go Cyclones!

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