Football Weekend

Hey! Hope your weekend was as eventful as ours was over here. Didn’t have much time to rest, but it’s all good when I get to spend the time with my little smiling princess.

OMA smiles

After a couple of great all-nighters, Olivia had a rough night where she ended up in bed with us. Which is alright in the weekends, plus morning cuddles are the best.

OMA morming cuddles

After a bit, we got ready for the day. Ryan and I were heading to the Iowa State vs Iowa game at night, so his parents rode down to take care of Olivia and her second cousin since his parents were joining us for the game. In the meantime, we just hung out.

OMA football onesie.

Olivia is super active now and climbing over anything that’s in her way. She’s really trying hard to pull up to standing position. Still a bit wobbly though.

OMA hanging

Once the parents got in, it was puppy time! Tucker is soooo cute!

Tucker and OMA

Ryan’s cousin and his family got in to hang out before we took off for the game.

Family and football

And the obligatory family picture. We kept Olivia neutral so we didn’t have to fight over black or cardinal, but we all know she looks better in red.

Our family

It ended being a great night for football and the walk over was quite nice.

Walk to the game

Although the game didn’t go my way, it was still pretty fun.


Sunday morning started out with breakfast. Eggs, fruit, coffee and a side of baby toys.


Then, it was back to playtime.

Playtime Sunday

Ryan went fishing for a while, so Olivia and I did what we do best, snapchat!

And so we Snapchat

After a bit, we went out on a walk, It was her first time in the big girl seat and I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it until she fell asleep.

Stroller naptime

Once Ryan got back, he decided to mow before the games, so Olivia and I kept him company for a bit.


Then, we watched the Cowboys game. Olivia survived her first game! Future fan in the making!

Cowboys fan

We took her seven month pictures and then night time came around and we switched gears to getting ready for the week.

seven month outtake

It was a pretty good weekend and hoping for a good week as well.

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