Olivia’s Seven Month Update

Where does one tiny little baby get so much energy? Olivia is non-stop all the time. She loves to explore the house and crawl everywhere. Always studying what goes on around her and experimenting with pulling herself up and all the different noises that she can make. She is definitely developing more and more each day, which keeps us on our toes. There’s never a dull moment with this tiny girl and we love every second we spend with her.



She’s still on the same eating schedule (morning, 3 bottle at daycare, evening and bedtime) with an extra feeding in the middle of the night every so often. I’m still keeping up with her demand even though I do have my days when I highly doubt I’ll be able to go for too much longer. A bad pump day can set me back a couple of days.

As far as real food goes, she eats about 4 tablespoons twice a day. Here soon we’re going to add a morning feeding. So far, she hasn’t rejected any food, although she doesn’t seem to be a fan of chicken, probably because of the texture. We’ve also been letting her experiment with bananas and avocado. We just smash some on the table for her and she mostly plays with it. Every so often, she’ll try to bring some to her mouth, but she has terrible aim. It’s actually quite funny watching her trying to figure it out.

All the food OMA


Sleep patterns come and go. We can count on getting her to bed right around 8pm every night and her waking up somewhere around 6am. What happens in between is always a surprise. Sometimes, she’ll sleep thought the night. Other times, she’ll wake up once or twice and need some soothing. Sometimes she gets hungry. While some other times, specially if she’s sick or overly tired, there’s no putting her back to sleep unless she’s being held, so on to the bed she comes. This past week, I’ve been working really hard to try to keep her in her room, but it comes at the price of lack of sleep for Ryan and I .  Her naps at home have been more consistent though and I’ve been able to lay her on her crib for most of them.

Sleep Position OMA

Awake Time

Can you say goofball? She is such a happy baby. As long as she has your attention, she’ll play with you forever. She loves chewing on everything and anything, toys with lights and sounds, cold toys (although I doubt she has started teething), and just moving around. She is an expert crawler now and can get anywhere she wants to on her own. She is also starting to pull herself up to standing and is getting the hang on walking if held by the hands. Movement wise, she is definitely developing right along.

OMA hanging

She’s also experimenting a whole lot with her voice. Yelping, babbling, screaming, giggling, blowing, raspberries, you name it! I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a talker when she finally finds her words.

Babbling OMA

She got one cold and a minor ear infection this month, and I think we’re working on the start of another cold. Other than temperature and a snotty nose, colds don’t seem to affect her demeanor at all. We also experienced her first constipation. Now that made her fuzzy! After a few days, we caved and gave her a suppository (cleared with the doc) and she’s been a pooping champ ever since.



Had more visits from family this month and Olivia had a blast.

Family Visit September

Also, had Ryan’s parents babysit a couple of times and I was a nervous wreck.

In Laws OMA

Apparently Olivia isn’t too fond of grass. When my parents visited and we hung out outside, she touched the grass a couple of times and never left the blanket since!

No Grass Please

It’s truly amazing getting to spend my days with this incredible baby. There’s no feeling like being her mom and seeing her grow every day. Love her!

OMA and mommy

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