All Over the Place

Good morning! Sorry it’s been a week since I last wrote, but I really haven’t been up to much over here. This weekend, on the other hand, was pretty busy. Friday night we stayed home and caught up on playtime with this little doll.

Friday playtime

Pure face of concentration. She started to try to move around the table and reach over to the buttons on the other side. This girl is a mile a minute.

Pure concentration

Saturday, we had a 4am wake-up call to make the drive to Des Moines and meet Kayla for the Bubble Run. We had signed up super early in the year and the time finally came. It was soooo cold to start!

Bubble Run DSM 01

Nonetheless, it was a pretty fun time and it was great to catch up with her for a bit.

Bubble Run DSM 02

Right after that, Ryan and I headed to his hometown to visit with family. First though, was some quality time with dad.

Monkeying around w dada

And of course, the grandparents got some Olivia time as well.

Grandparents A

We spent the rest of the afternoon over at Ryan’s grandpa’s house until Olivia’s bedtime.

Greatgrandpa A

Sunday, we headed home early just to get ready for the week and get Olivia back on track. Anytime we’re out of town and in the car for a while, her schedule is a mess and we end up having some rough nights. Turned out to be a great decision because she was super happy for the rest of the day once we were home.

Horseying arond

I was able to get a bunch of stuff done around the house and in the yard as well. I got rid of some of my annuals before the frost got to them, but I did save some seeds to plant with Olivia next year. Should be fun! After a Cowboys win and some more playtime, the weekend was over too soon.

Linaria seeds

Already looking forward to the next one!

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