Fall Weekend

Hey! Well, this weekend was one of those that nothing happened, but a lot of things did at the same time. We have a sick baby in the house, she’s got a very stuffy nose and right on the edge of a mild fever, so she’s definitely demanding a lot more attention than usual. Which is a lot since she’s a mover and a shaker and just waiting to get in trouble or in a dangerous spot soon. Why are babies attracted to cords and anything else they should stay away from?

Anyways, Friday night we didn’t do much because Olivia ended up falling asleep super early. So, I used some of the time to get cracking on her costume for Halloween. We’re not trick-or-treating or anything, but we have to dress her up for her first one!

bee prep

Saturday morning, to be honest, I don’t even remember what we did. I got groceries and that’s about it. So, I’m assuming we just hung out. The day was gorgeous though, so I made Ryan get ready and we went out on a little hike. We drove over to the Palisades Park, which I hadn’t been before, but it’s one Ryan frequents on his fishing trips.

Hey you

We started with Olivia in the carrier, but she wanted none of that, so we ended up just taking her out. Ryan carried her the rest of the way and I carried the empty carrier… She gets what she wants.

Family selfie

Ryan paved the way, while I walked a few steps behind taking pictures and laughing at Olivia’s cheese face looking back at me.

Fall Walk

Although it started kinda buggy, it turned out to be a pretty awesome walk with beautiful views over the river. We got to experience some awesome fall color.

Flying OMA Leaves

We stopped here and there to take pics and enjoy the overlooks.

Lets take a picture

The park turned out to be pretty cool and even has a “beach” area.

Daddys Girl

We got back early enough to enjoy a bit more time outside before taking the party inside for the night.

a little time outside

Sunday was all about cleaning the house and catching up on projects and to-dos. Somewhere in there, we found some time to play in a diaper box with Olivia. She had a rougher day and nap times were a bit harder, but we still got a lot done and enjoyed out time with her. This weekend she also learned to wave, so she was waving at everything all weekend long. Seriously, her fingers never stopped moving up and down, even when I was putting her down at bedtime.

OMA in a box

Good weekend and hopefully a good week ahead. In the meantime, Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween OMA Bee

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