The calm before the storm

Hello! Did you enjoy your weekend? We sure did over here! I made sure to have a good weekend since it’s pretty much our last “free” weekend until Christmas. This time of year is always pretty hectic visiting family for the holidays, working on house projects (or seasonal to-dos like raking leaves and snow removal), gift shopping, baking, trips, etc. It’s hard to catch your breath, so I made sure to relax and enjoy this weekend. We also went out a couple of times to enjoy this warmer than normal temperature. If it stayed like this all winter, I would be just fine.

Friday, our little lady turned nine months. Nine! I can’t believe it. She’s so big! So, after work, we had a mini photo session. It was right after she ate and her belly is demanding full attention. We’re also working on her sippy cup skills, so her shirt might be a bit drenched.

9month photo shoot

Then, we just hung out for the rest of the night. After Olivia went to bed, Ryan and I actually had the chance to watch a movie. Score!

Friday Hangout

Olivia woke up in a silly mood, he usual, and we had some snapchat fun after breakfast. We spent the morning playing around until I had to go and get some groceries.

Silly morning

When I came back, she was in a deep nap with Ryan. She loves falling asleep with him. Doesn’t look comfortable, but she was out!

Naptime w dada

During lunch, I let her try to feed herself. We had some success, but it was still quite messy. She definitely enjoyed it.


We decided to get outside in the evening and went to NewBo to have a beer (Ryan) and a coffee (me). After dinner, we went back home, and put the little miss down for bed a bit early. She was tired!

NewBo w my lady

Sunday, was another silly morning playtime day.

Silly Sunday

Once dada woke up, he joined in on the fun.

Playtime w dada

Sometime in the afternoon, I would have really enjoyed a nap, but instead we went on a walk to enjoy the nice day. Again, we have to use the opportunity to enjoy these days because Winter is Coming.

On our walk

Then, it was time for more football, playtime and hanging out.

Lets go Coyboys

She ended up having a pretty fuzzy night, so it was a struggle to get her to bed. She decided that bedtime was the perfect time to be wide awake. Oh well. Once she was in bed, I was pretty beat, so I ended up following her not too long afterwards.

Here’s to a good week ahead!

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