We’re on a break!

Hey! So, this post might be a little bit late… oops! Friday was our last day of work before the holiday break and I truly took it to heart to rest some and catch up my energy. Without further adieu though, here’s what we were up to last weekend. We were meant to go to Ryan’s family Christmas, but we were getting some bad weather and decided to stay put.

Saturday morning, I took some time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and catch up on some blog stuff. The moment of zen lasted approximately five minutes until Olivia demanded my attention.

Coffe morning

We spent a lot of the day playing around. She thinks that Ryan is the best jungle gym ever.

Dad the playmat

We also snuck out of the house for a bit, when the weather was alright, to meet Santa. She waved and smiled at him right away.

OMA meets Santa

Olivia had no problem at all with him. Maybe next year we’ll get the screams.

Hey Santa

Her favorite mode of transportation is on her knees. It’s better than crawling (because she can carry things) and than walking (because she won’t fall).

mode of transport OMA

Meal time is also getting super fun with her. She’s getting into eating real people food. Sometimes she’ll eat it all, sometimes she’ll just throw it overboard.

Silly faces

The cold day needed to end with a big cup of hot chocolate.

jug o cocoa

Sunday morning, we started the morning with a FaceTime call to Titita. Olivia already recognizes the sound of video calls and gets really excited for them.


Another thing that’s happening right now, teething. She didn’t cry long, but it was the only way I could get a picture of the emerging teeth haha

teething days

We then watched dadda scoop some snow which calmed and entertained her for a while.

whats dad up to

Christmas packages are arriving!

presents n gifts

We ended the night with playtime in the basement. She found a string on the couch and thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

sting are fun

I also had to take some pictures on the timer for the yoga challenges I’m doing on Instagram, and had some photo bomber problems. This is the result when she crawls from the other side of the room. Crazy eyes.


That’s pretty much it. I’m truly enjoying my days filled with this little sweetheart.

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