Lock Down

Good morning! So, this weekend we had pretty crappy weather. We were expecting an ice storm on Sunday and Ryan was gone until Sunday afternoon, so Olivia and I pretty much just hung out at the house the whole time. We did make it out on Saturday to go to swimming lessons, which she loves!, and then on Sunday morning to run a couple of errands. So, not too many pictures for this weekend, but here’s what I got.

Of course, Snapchat played a big role. It always does when we’re just hanging out.

flower power

We napped on the couch, which is the best thing ever. Even if I can’t get up for two hours.

Saturday naps

And more Snapchat fun because it’s hilarious…

big lips, big nose

…and she loves watching the videos play back in a loop.

hey smarty

Sunday, we worked on our eating skills. She’s good with pureed foods, alright with stewed veggies and fruit, and hates chunky baby foods. So, right now it’s either real food or purees.

dinner time

And it’s according to her mood. During each meal time, I need to give her a variety, so she doesn’t get bored. As soon as she spits the purees, we switch to real food. When starts throwing real food to the floor, we switch to purees. On and on until we’re done with mealtime.

sweet potatoes are the best

Sunday afternoon, we got ready for the Cowboys game. It was a good game with crappy results. Oh well…

cowboys playoffs

Monday, was a holiday, so we stayed home and Olivia got to hang out with dada all day. It was a mix of building and destroying.

lego playtime

Low key weekend with lots of Olivia time. Pretty perfect.

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